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Finding Free Spins in 2019

One of the most significant advantages of playing at a virtual casino is the bonuses and promotions. Almost every online casino offers various types of bonuses. One of the most popular is the free spins.
A free spin from an online casino gives you the opportunity to play one time or activate a video slot without having to use your own money depending on the online casino you can receive free spins if you register or if you make a deposit of a certain amount. The number of free spins can vary from 10 to even hundreds,

Register and claim your free spins without deposit

Free spins without deposit are the most appreciated among the players. Most casinos give them the time an account is opened. Some ask for confirmation through an email or a telephone number. In some cases, you will have to go through a verification process to get the free spins. This is to prevent the same players from continually creating new accounts. It is important to know that you can only have one account at an online casino. You can, of course, use free spins without deposit by registering at various online casinos. There are no restrictions for that. You can, of course, pay the money you win after you have met the set betting requirements, as stated explicitly in the conditions.

no deposit free spins

Claim your free spins

Joining a new online casino is always fun and enjoyable. It only gets better if you get 50 free spins.

By claiming free spins, you always increase your odds. The more, the better. View which casinos offer 100 free spins to their players.
Play your favourite slot game by using free spins on slots

Free spins starburst without deposit If you qualify for a free spin bonus, you will notice that they can be used for a specific game. The most popular game for which you can win free spins is called Starburst and was developed by NetEnt. So if you are a Starburst fan, you can start playing without risking your own money.

How do free spins and extra spins work?

Here are some basic points to get started:

Spins can be used with slot machines. They are usually suitable for one specific or a group of slot machines.
Players receive a fixed number of spins. This can vary from 5 to more than 100.

Spins can be given at any time in the game, but they are usually:

  •  no deposit spins for new players who have opened an account or
  •  extra spins to replace or supplement your deposit bonus.

Despite not paying for the spins, you can win real money by using the spins.
Profits made from extra spins or no deposit spins are usually rewarded as bonus money. They are connected to wagering requirements and standard conditions. You must first comply with this before you can pay your winnings. All your winnings from free spins and spins without a bet are real money with no requirements.

Free spins at registration

Of course, you will first look at the number of spins that are offered. The name says everything. The larger the number, the longer you can play for free.

Expiration date

Extra spins always have a limited time to use them. Therefore, look at when the expiry date of the spins, especially if it is an attractive offer.

With some bonuses, they give the chance to use the free spins in 1 time, while it is spread over others in days or weeks.

Know in advance how long you are willing to wait and how often you will visit the online casino. You do not want your free spins to expire because you did not have the time to use them on a specific day.

Qualified slot machines

It is not allowed at the casinos to choose a game for which you want to use the extra spins. The free spins can only be used for specific slot machines or sometimes only 1.
Check also for which slot machine you can use the free spins and decide if these games are to your satisfaction or not. This information can usually be found under the bonus conditions or in the window that always appears when you claim your bonus.

Size of the bet

Unless the casinos promote big, super or mega spins in their offer, the free spins are automatically for the minimum bet of each slot machine.
The minimum bet differs for the games. Most offer a free spin of 10p as a minimum bet. The lowest we have seen is 5 cent.


Another aspect that can benefit you is the “return to player” (RTP) of the slot machines on which you play your spins. RTP is a percentage that describes how much of the money spent on each random slot will earn you back in the long term.
Example: if you play on a slot machine with an RTP of 96%. Then you can expect in the long term that you can win $ 100 each for $ 96.
RTP is a measure of the built-in house advantage of a particular casino game, so it makes sense to opt for slot machines with a higher RTP and lower house advantage.

Wagering requirements

If it is crucial for you to be able to pay the winnings of your bonus, then it is advisable to pay attention to the conditions of the free spins.
The conditions of the free spins are usually what people take. You will have to meet these conditions before you can use or pay the money you have won with the bonus.
Depending on the offer, the wagering requirements can be imposed only on the winnings from the spins or the sum of the winnings and the qualifying deposit.
The higher the wagering requirements for extra spins, the more money you have to wager to have access to them. Where possible, choose additional spins with low wagering requirements or not at all. These offer the best value for your investment!

Other conditions

Looks out for the ideal conditions that are part of every casino bonus. Remember that if one aspect of the bonus is excellent or attractive, other elements will be less.
Keep your eyes open and your instincts sharp to choose the best free spins. You can be the next lucky winner within a short time!